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SEO Experts in South Yorkshire

If your website simply isn't delivering then it's time to ask the SEO experts at GoogleGeeks, based in Doncaster South Yorkshire.
After all, what's the point in having a site that gets no sales? Time and time again, we are asked 'can you get our site up to the top of Google?' or 'our site is getting lots of traffic but no sales. Can you help?'.
The answer to both is most definitely 'yes' but please don't be offended when we tell you how bad your site is or how you've been ripped off by a web designer or hosting company. We are here to help.
Having been at the sharp end of the web industry for over 20 years, with clients ranging from multi-nationals down to one man bands, we study stats and user interaction before delivering our verdicts.
We work closely with in order to obtain cross-platform, cross-browser, cross-device unbiased verdicts on your current site and can usually deliver a report within 7 days.
So, what comes first? Top Google Rankings or Better Conversions?
We'd much prefer to get the conversion rate up first. If you are wasting money on Adwords then we will have readily available stats. Conversion rates from real visitors should be 20% and above.
Top rankings are always good - and we'll get them too but that's a long and steady process and we have been there and done that as regards website owners wanting immediate results - so we usually get conversions first.
The basics:-
1. There's a reason your competitors' sites look like they do. You may not like the design or feel but you aren't a customer.
2. Where's your 'Call to Action' on every page? (and that's not a phone number, it's a buy it now, live chat, get a quote or some other 'in your face' data capture).
3. Does your site work perfectly on every device? From TV to iPad. From Laptop to iPhone?
4. Does the first three lines of content on every page tell the visitor what the rest of the page is about?
5. Do you have a lovely clean image of every product? (Google images delivers more traffic than you'd imagine).

That's conversions - leave the rankings to the SEO experts at GoogleGeeks, based in Doncaster South Yorkshire.

What is Google Doing?

Google is a measuring device. It measures how relevant a site is to the search term that has been input by the user.

Basic science tells us that any measuring device must have a standard to which it can compare the thing that it is measuring. There is no such thing as a standard website.

No website is the same. They can be written in php, aspx, html or a multitude of other programming languages, hosted on servers of different configurations, all of different age, all driven by different databases. In essence, Google has to 'best guess' which site is more suitable to be placed at the top of its rankings, which comes second etc...

In fact, the only 'variable' which can be definitively measured is the content (and that includes page titles, meta descirptions, link titles, link anchor text etc..). So, in reality, all you have to do is make your content better than that of your competitors' content and you will be above them in the search engines.

The problem is with content is that the user will get a bit fed up after a certain amount of words and start looking for where to click next and that point is about now