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SEO Training Courses

Simply because we do SEO day in - day out, we are forced to keep ahead of the game as regards Google's algorithm changes. If a client website does move dramatically, we get a phone call and, with over 200 SEO clients on our books, we don't need to trawl forums to get the latest news.

We no longer offer group training courses as, quite simply, there isn't a bog standard website out there. Instead, we offer training that is specific to the client website. For example, if the site is built in Magento then that gives us far differing problems than if it was built in Wordpress. Training is done on-site and on the website and, as far more companies back away from using SEO Companies that don't seem to do anything apart from invoice, then a £500 one-off with guaranteed results and unlimited support makes financial sense. After all, who knows the content of your site better than the staff?

In the first instance, contact us and we will look at your site and see if there's 'a quick fix', whether you do need training at all or, as with many a previous client, you just want to go back to your current SEO Company armed with some knowledge so you can determine whether they are actually working on your site on on their tans.