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Wordpress Websites

If you have been quoted more than £1000 for a wordpress website then you are being ripped off - this CMS platform really is dead easy to use.

Here's what you need:-

1. A domain name (sounds obvious but folk do overlook this) - which needs to be in your control. (About £5 a year for a
2. Hosting. (Server space where your site can sit) - this needs to have a SQL database and should cost no more than £50 a year.
3. Web content, a logo, some pics etc..

We will install wordpress on the server, set up a template that suits your needs, look and feel and let you rip - £50.

If you want us to do everything, we charge by the hour (£50) and we can do a hell of a lot in an hour as we have, so far, set up over 300 wordpress sites and currently have 75 on maintenance and SEO contracts.

We don't do meetings by the way but, if you are based in Doncaster then we can pop in to sort things.

Give BB a ring on 07876 401658